An invitation to Awakening Shaktis!


Women’s Circle Teacher Training Course:


Embody the Divine Feminine and Lead other women to do the same.



Feminine Empowerment, Spiritual Awakening, Self-Love, Sacred Sensuality, Playfulness….


Dear Sister, Yogini and Wild Woman,


If you have a calling to serve the Divine Feminine by leading other women to heal, empower and EMBODY their true radiance, then you’ve probably noticed a strange paradox in doing this sort of work: we keep running into blocks and at times self-sabotaging patterns…..


I understand the frustration of wanting something so passionately and yet unconsciously pushing it away...


I trust that there are many dark nights of the soul that you might have been through, cooked in the sacred fires of your own longing to be fully self-expressed, to be in your own power, your yearning for kinship and connection with other wild wise women like yourself that brought you to the path as the Wisdom-keeper and the Medicine Woman that you truly are.


And yet, we all need tools that are like icing on the cake, that will help you transmit this wisdom to other women and be a catalyst for their alchemical transformation into the Phoenix rising from the ashes. This training will provide you with exactly such tools, experience and understanding, so that you can share some of your greatest gifts with the world through your own events.


Too many people carry gifts that they aren’t even aware of. And they muddle through life, never bringing their brilliance into the light.


But when you’re first starting to understand and share your gifts, it’s normal not to know exactly what to do or how to do it.


And so, if you want to share your gifts through workshops and women’s circles, I have something to share with you that you’re going to love. But first, let me tell you a little about myself.


My name is Sufiana.


I’ve been leading women’s circles and workshops in many countries since almost ten years. I deeply believe that one of the biggest causes of the current suffering in the world is the lack of Feminine Essence, Feminine voice. And I’ve committed my life to restoring that voice.


Growing up, I often didn’t feel like I fit in with the mainstream mass consciousness. There was a longing for something different, something deeper, something more meaningful. Then at a very young age I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a new age ailment that often affects women in today’s world, that is so disconnected from nature which is the Feminine. This was one of my biggest initiations and sacred catalyst that put me on the path of Feminine Spirituality.


I met some amazing teachers along the journey, but my biggest teacher has been this pain and suffering itself. It helped me see how deeply programmed we all are by patriarchy, by untruth; not only is it making women suffer but also men and children.


Sometimes, when I tell my story, students ask me how I knew I was “ready” to start helping others. Well, I certainly didn’t wait until I was perfectly ready! I had plenty of doubts which told me I needed five Ph.Ds before I can start sharing my work, like everyone else. But what finally made the difference for me was whenever women came to me with their issues and I’d counsel them, their eyes lit up and they said things like- they felt deeply seen, validated and understood which was very healing for them. That’s when I knew I’d made a small difference in their lives.


To me these felt like the most meaning-giving moments in my life which inspired me to reach out to as many women as possible bringing all my rich life-experiences together with my formal training in Indian Philosophy (M.A), Yoga and Expressive Arts Therapy.


But the most important thing is that I stay on the path of my own personal transformation (which I truly believe is a work of a lifetime), so that I can inspire and lead others.


Do you feel a calling to serve women similarly?


I’m excited to announce that I’m offering a special Certified Training Program for women with  such a powerful calling.


What is the Women's Circle Teacher Training Course?


This is a unique training that combines personal transformation with tools you can use to lead your own Women’s Circles/ Workshops. How does it work?


As you know, to change the world, you need to transform from within first. So to foster your personal growth, the Women's Circle TTC Intensive gives you tools and training to Understand, Awaken, Express, and Embody various Goddess archetypes as well as heal ancient soul wounds through a variety of practices combining Psychology, Creative Arts and Yoga Breathwork.


Through the programming we receive in the mainstream world, we train ourselves to reject various parts of ourselves; even in the field of spirituality. But the Goddess is everything - Spirit and Matter, Cosmos and the Earth, Soul as well as the Emotions. So on the path of Feminine Spirituality, we see everything as a doorway to awakening, we see everything as an expression of HER.


Working with various archetypes, opens up our persona to the Infinite vastness that is HER; so that our old patterns that often made us feel trapped naturally begin to transform, without us having to reject, condemn or judge ourselves.


We also often do shadow work in our workshops, not to intensify the vast divide between our darkness and light, but to unearth and integrate hidden aspects of our own Beingness. To love ourselves completely and unconditionally- this feels like a very important step.


And if you intend to become a facilitator, I cannot emphasize this step enough; because if you are not intimate with who you are in your wholeness, it will be challenging for you to help other women come home to their true AUTHENTIC selves, especially to embrace their own shadow.


So while this training is for you to facilitate others, it will also feel like you’re in a retreat for your own personal healing and transformation; helping you emerge as a truly EMPOWERED WOMAN bringing out the beauty, confidence and inner radiance that’s been hiding inside you all along and most important of all, as a woman who loves every part of her SELF.


You’ll leave the workshop with all the tools, training, confidence and self-trust you’ll need to lead your own circles and workshops as well as a Certificate.



What Others Have Said About

This training


  • "I participated in Sufiana’s TTC 3 times because she offered so many deep affectionate and rich experiences such as meditation, movement, story-telling. I value her sensual, spacious and Kali-Maa-like energy. I learned to connect more deeply with my own sensuality, spaciousness and Kali-Maa self.


I also learned to slow down while connecting with myself and others in the group. I also valued Sufiana’s flexibility and gift of listening to what the group needed even though she had a lesson plan. She expresses the balance between what some might term as masculine and feminine energies.

My intention for participating was to deepen into my own awakening feminine nature, to gather more tools for Self-care practices, to share them with my clients and workshop participants.

I will take with me the tools of meditation, story-telling, movement, connecting exercises as valuable components of Awakening my Feminine body."

~ SharmaRay, Canada
Feminine Workshop leader


  • "Sufiana’s workshop was like visiting an ancient temple and learning its secrets. The practices brought me home to my Self, to all of me. It brought me home to my power many times.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sufiana. I wish every woman could know the love and    power I have lived in this course. I will recommend this course to all women. PLEASE SISTERS  COME HOME!!"


~ Aliyeah, Nairobi (Indian ancestry, African),

Women’s Circles, Cacao ceremony, and Family Constellation workshop leader.


  • "My intention in joining the Women’s circle Teacher Training Course was to improve at leading my Women’s circles, to gain more tools. I was struggling with the feeling that I was not good. Every circle I led was a huge anxiety for me from fear of judgement. I felt the frustration of wanting to do a great job but not knowing how.


The TTC I did before had very little focus on women's circles. Sufiana’s TTC gave me a lot of understanding, practical tools, materials , inspirations and insights. It helped me gain more self confidence.


And the most important I got deeply affected by her passion, Feminine Beauty and Goddess energy. Something woke up deep deep inside of me which can’t be described by words. Probably the biggest difference I felt in me was from being touched by her heart, her love that we are so hungry for.


I left the workshop feeling I was ENOUGH, approved of, encouraged. I would add that every woman who comes to the workshop needs to be open to receive a lot of LOVE :)"


~ Tatiana

Agama Yoga Teacher


  • "Dear Beloved Sister Sufiana, our Women’s circle TTC was a great opening experience for me and it initiated me deeply on my journey of Feminine Growth. All the love we shared gave me the opportunity to stay in the present moment and not wanting to run away even when the path of healing got challenging. That’s a great gift.


I can only say again and again- Thank you for all your love and the love we shared with you      guiding us. Love love love."

~ Johanna Mooncat Stadle (Germany)


  • "Sufiana is an amazing Practioner! I have sat in Circle with her before and she has a Gift of offering so much to Awaken Women with so much Presence. If you can, please come and sit in Circle. I loved it so much i am Immersing myself again for a second time. It is practical even if it is for just for yourself.  Another tool if you are indeed a Teacher to offer it to other Women!"


 ~ Anonymous


  • "After countless attempts at failed counseling over the years, I pushed a major trauma in my life so deep inside myself that I convinced myself it was okay, that I was okay and that it doesn't really affect me now. Although I knew deep down that every part of myself that I hated myself for has been created because of it. The reason why I've always been extremely shy and awkward, the reason I've had trust issues, the reason I didn't have a voice, the reason I depended far too much on those I clung onto, and the reason I never become involved with anyone..... now I've finally began to heal.


I highly recommend every woman to attend this workshop. These past few days have been pretty intense. I've been stripped down, to feel all the emotions I've unconsciously suppressed    for so long. I let out rage I never knew I had inside myself. I danced, I laughed, I cried, oh I cried  so much, I screamed, I moaned, I broke free, and I let out my inner Kali and found my voice. I'm not saying that I've healed myself completely, I still have a long long way to go but awakening my inner goddess has more powerful than I could have ever imagined.


And a huge thank you to you Sufiana, for being such a beautiful and inspirational goddess who's helped empower myself and many other women ❤."


~ Megan (UK)



What You’ll Learn Each Day


Ten days might seem like a long time to be together, but I can tell you from personal experience, the time flies.


Each day is organized around different Goddesses and the Principles of Feminine Spirituality. And we use special tools to help you access and integrate the principle. For example, we’ll explore: dance, drama, sound healing, ritual, poetry, deep soul inquiry questions, storytelling, and guided meditation.


We’ll begin each day with a ritual or meditation that gently opens us up to the realm of Infinite. And we close each day with a nurturing Closing Circle exercise.

Here’s more about what happens each day:


Day 1:


  • Learn what is the Divine Feminine?

  • Discover what fate you are coming from, and what destiny you are moving toward (Storytelling, Art and Movement therapy exercise).

  • Discover the strengths you bring as a feminine workshop leader.

  • Learn to practice Self nurturance

  • How to use the elements of Art therapy in your circles.

  • Meet your inner goddess. You’ll experience union with her, and receive a gift from her.



Day 2:

  • HIGH PRIESTESS initiation ceremony for you to become a channel (chalice) for the Goddess essence. Become HER, feel her beauty, power and Her profound Shakti alchemy.

  • Learn concrete examples of rituals you can use in your own women’s circles.

  • Learn how to structure a successful women’s workshop and circles.

  • Goddess Saraswati and our Creative Self Expression

  • Storytelling, what is your Heroine’s journey?


Day 3:

  • Create and explore sacred space.

  • Use guided meditation to awaken your emotions and heal old wounds.

  • Healing shame and guilt.

  • Learn the elements of dance therapy that can be used in your circles and workshops or for personal healing.

  • How to work with old limiting patterns and increase your ability to receive.

  • Discover how to structure and create safe space in your own circles.  


Day 4:

  • Heart chakra Inner child meditation, heal the wounds of your own inner child- learn to become your own good-enough mother.

  • Healing Mother-Father wounds in us, resurrecting the inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

  • Learn 20 themes you can use for your own women’s circles, including: anger breakthrough, moon cycles, owning and reclaiming your power, healthy boundaries, womb healing, Reclaiming Feminine Intuition etc.

  • Drama Therapy elements.


Day 5: (Break)

  • Get into groups and brainstorm about your presentations.

Day 6:

  • Learn how to use your breath to unfreeze what has been frozen in the shadow lands.

  • Explore the most important part of feminine spirituality: shadow work.

  • Awaken your inner Goddess Kali

  • Find the treasure of power that lies behind anger. Discover how you may have given your power away, and how to reclaim it.

  • Sacred lesson of healthy boundaries.

  • Understanding the duality of light and dark, integration.


Day 7:

  • Reclaim and celebrate your sensuality with Goddess Aphrodite.

  • Why is our understanding of self-love often limited and how to deepen it to love all of our SELF.

  • Release self-judgements about our bodies, and see the beauty in other women as a reflection of our own beauty.

  • Explore how to bring your deepest talents into your work, and create workshops around your shadow qualities.

  • Students lead


Day 8:

  • Goddess Lakshmi and our relationship to abundance.

  • Yogic breathwork

  • How to bring the teachings of different goddesses in your work.

  • Learn how to release what you don’t want, and attract what you do want.

  • Uncover your internal resistance to success and abundance,

  • Tool - Guided meditation

  • Students lead

  • Yoga therapy massage


Day 9:

  • Seven chakra meditation, Grounding, Centering, Clearing other people’s voices and judgements from your system.

  • Using social media and other tools to attract women that are in resonance to your circles/workshops.

  • Yogic sound practices

  • Deep soul inquiry question

  • Mantra and Yoni Mudra

  • Students lead.


Day 10:

  • What is present for you? Give it space, learning to live from a place of deep surrender to what is.

  • Which Goddess challenges you?

  • Womb healing and meditation.

  • Addressing Challenges : Self doubts, self confidence, Projections etc.

  • Open mic

  • See how your own healing can help heal the world. Gayatri mantra and Peace prayers for the planet. Living your dharma, your soul’s deepest calling.

  • What are you committed to? Self-marriage ceremony.

  • 6 months coaching program

  • Enjoy your graduation ceremony, and receive your Certificates.


There’s so much more in store for you. If this feels in resonance for your personal healing journey, as well as to be of service to other women, to our world; then I welcome you to the circle of Yoginis.


Do you have more questions?


Here are the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Women's Circle TTC 10-Day Intensive:


What will I get at the end of the Intensive?


At the end of the Intensive, you’ll be certified as a Women’s Circle Leader. You’ll also get paired up with your classmate for 6 months of coaching support after the course, so you both can practice on each other as well as have more results in your life due to accountability.


When is the next Women's Circle TTC?


The next training is from 17th-26th April, 11am to 6pm. It will be held at Samma Karuna in Koh Phangan, Thailand.


What does the training cost?


The current price of the training is $500. That’s half of what it costs to get similar training elsewhere. I’ve reduced the price to the bare minimum, so more women can get the training they need.


Why should I attend this Intensive?


That’s an important question. I combine Goddess Archetypal teachings with Expressive Arts Therapy, Embodiment based practices and Yoga breathwork - to create a course that is not only meant to help you heal and awaken yourself but also for you to be a catalyst for other women’s Empowerment. If these are in resonance with you then I trust you’ll feel at home in our circle of Sisters.


I love the focus on personal growth, and I’m really committed to making this work as a business. Is it okay for me to focus on business and personal work at the same time?


Yes. All growth comes from you, and then flows out through your business. You don’t have to be perfect; you just have to take the next step. Afterall, in the eyes of a 3rd grader, a 4th grader looks like a genius.


I want to support other women, as well. How can I make sure my business lifts other Circle Leaders up?


Your growth inspires others. In the beginning, the journey itself is inspiring. And once you have a strong following with your Women’s Circles, you can support your friends who want to do similar work, but don’t know how. By learning these skills, you pave the way and become an example of what’s possible for others.


I have a private practice, and I want to add a Women’s Circle to my work. Is your training a good fit for me?  


Absolutely. Many of my students want to do their own workshops. Some of them are starting a business from scratch. And some of them are adding Women’s Circles and workshops to their existing practices. I’ll give you tools that work, no matter which path you choose.



I don’t intend to become a facilitator, but wish to go through this training for my own personal Healing, Growth and Soul Evolution, can I still benefit from this training?


I’ve had a lot of women who came to this workshop with the same intention and

they said they found it to be extremely transformative and that it helped them with           

their healing and overall growth spiritually, some of their testimonials will perhaps  

help. I personally believe that ‘who you become’ as a result of this workshop is of    

utmost importance to me.   


What It Costs


Regular price : 15,000 baht,

Early Bird (to be paid by 7th April) : 13,000 baht.


Who will benefit from this workshop


This will be deeply in alignment with you if you yearn to,


  • Heal your life,

  • Build healthy, loving relationships with yourself and others,

  • Be of service to the world,

  • Help other women discover their own radiance and Soul Power,

  • Run successful, thriving women’s workshops or circles.

  • Transform yourself.

  • Wish to learn how to love yourself completely


It will also help you, if:


  • You’ve struggled to trust men, or even to trust other women.

  • You’ve ever given away your power in relationships, to be loved.

  • You’ve been held back by your background, cultural conditioning, self-doubts or self-sabotage .

  • You’ve worried you weren’t good enough or lucky enough to be successful with your workshops.

  • You feel confused about your soul’s purpose, but feel curious about working with women.

  • You never feel like you fit in, you feel like you have a yearning to live a deeper more authentic life but don’t know where to begin. 

                             Well, here’s why these problems are actually the key to your success: As you might know from your experiences, it is only when we get burnt in the sacred fires of life that our true gold emerges like an alchemical process. Through this workshop you will see how these curses are actually the very raw materials for your blessings. Let us unleash this energy to spread in the world as your unique Soul medicine.


This program is however not a good fit for people who:

  • Aren’t interested in self deep transformation,

  • Don’t want to make a commitment to show up for the entire workshop,

  • Aren’t willing to try new things, learn and grow.


The next Women's Circle TTC will be held at: Samma Karuna, Koh Phangan


Your Time is Now, 


If this course feels like a right match for you, just send us an email at Dancingmystic11@gmail.com.


I look forward to having you in the circle of Yoginis. This is going to be a life-transforming experience


Much love,



Creator, The Women's Circle Teacher Training Course 10-Day Intensive